Fantastic book, and Karen (Hoy) and myself open the book with this renku:

claudia radmore

Petals in the Dark, 15 renku led and edited by Marshall Hryciuk (catkin press, 2015)er only

A delicious collection of renku, renku verses and contributions from poets all over the world. Marshall Hryciuk is a Canadian renku master and we love to brag about him, claim him as our own.

Marshall has continued the Japanese tradition of ‘writing blind’ as art. In an introduction, he talks about renku in a innovative style, asking, rhetorically “Why Renku?”

And what IS renku.  Think of it this way to start: A short verse is given and you as participant are asked to contribute the next verse. This may result in each participant offering a verse, from which the master will choose the most appropriate. He/She will have suggested guidelines for the verse, and your contribution will link to the previous verse, yet shift away from it. In this way, the series is always full of…

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