September 2015

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Today, I am running seven haiku for each day through the 19th, since I will be out of the office on business this week. Please enjoy the haiku of master poet Alan Summers. Through posts on The Daily Haiku, it is my hope that the public will learn what haiku and senryu really are and aren’t. So many of the poems that we see online that are meant to be haiku and senryu by the poet really aren’t.

The best way of learning about the forms and appreciating them are to consistently read good examples of them.

I hope you will enjoy each haiku and senryu post on this blog and reread them to truly understand the beauty and meaning of them.

Seven Haiku by Alan Summers (Website:

old tales
moon-bright leaves
jostle the breeze

Wild Plum 1:1, Spring & Summer 2015


we learn to adjust

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word pond

corn moon
the jackdaw shifts
its iris
Alan Summers

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