Two of my latest haiku appear in this wonderful magazine!

hedgerow: a journal of small poems

welcome to the latest issue of hedgerow. as always grateful to contributors & readers alike. thank you all for being here!

october’s resident artist is Alexis Rotella. if you enjoy her art, please have a peek at the link below —

with love & kindness.

she sings
on the rainswept corner
her bags
full of rubies and frogs
a green fairy plays a flute

Carole Johnston lives and writes in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, although she is from “nowhere zen.”

Bat in the belfry

her chipped mug
nothing remains


temple bell tolling the emptiness inside things


sun shower
darting this way and that
skink on the cobblestones

Mark Miller lives in a tiny seaside village on the east coast of Australia, where he has been writing haiku for many years.

Traveling to the other side

blood moon
I still
love you

Grant Savage (Marmota monax x Homo sapiens)…

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