September 2016

My thoughts on the sister/brother genre of haiku.

Failed Haiku

Alan Summers, a poet, and teacher/student of haiku and senryu has written a wonderful essay on the senryu form. Filled with great information and links to outside sources this is something you will want to read, download, and refer to in the future. Senryu is often placed two steps down from haiku, but Failed Haiku believes they can share the same pedestal. Please read and enjoy:

The golden Carousel of Life:  Senryu
An Application to be a) human
by:  Alan Summers

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Thoughts on senryu by myself and others.

Charlotte Digregorio's Writer's Blog

Here are the responses from “Senryu vs. Haiku,” a recent post. The responses were brief with the exception of the one by Alan Summers who was obviously impassioned by the topic.

David Boyer:

Personally, I think the senryu designation is unnecessary. After all, it’s all nature, human or otherwise.

I often have problems distinguishing between the two, Charlotte (as I did here on your blog last week). I am sometimes concerned that I will label a poem incorrectly and look foolish: you have now given me a license to stop
worrying about this!

I enjoy writing both forms, but find haiku slightly easier as I feel a senryu has to contain an element of wit, irony or dark humour, and this can often take some work to get right. Although I’m sure it’s like everything else, the more you read and practise, the easier it becomes.


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