Joint winning piece, a haibun entitled: “When bitter can mean please”

Folded Word

a response toJanuary’s #WonderFold prompt

So we have two winners to celebrate! Thank you to all who submitted, everyone’s work was wonderful and remember to keep submitting!


buzz sparkle shot – rich dark sweet sweet – precious luxury – condensation of company – patina of burnished wood – smooth smooth cream froth – jangling cravings satisfied – here – take a seat if you can find one – sigh into the warmth – relax my dear – here – your buzz sparkle shot. ©2016 FE Clark

When bitter can mean please

When bitter can mean please…

the handle of the cup holding a coffee with a fern like design in its froth, is like her nose, and both are porcelain.

And when I order something bitter I remember your German, and how you kissed the word Bitte that held the meaning of please, and other meanings.


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