There is something quite calming about ducks and our human interaction with them.

‘From troubles of the world I turn to ducks’

F.W. Harvey
Ducks (1919)

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Alan Summers lives in England, and is President of the United Haiku and Tanka Society. He is a Japan Times award-winning writer; and co-founder of Call of the Page. NHK TV of Japan filmed him for a program called “Europe meets Japan–Alan’s Haiku Journey,” covering aspects of his teaching and passion for the art of haiku.

His forthcoming book titled, Writing Poetry: The Haiku Way, is due out later
this year.

Alan blogs at Area 17:

Each day through Sunday, March 5, one haiku written by Alan will appear. Please search the archives for other selections by Alan.

those who stop —
ducks taking colour
from the river

by Alan Summers
brass bell: a haiku journal, February 2017

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