Look out for the haiku journal!

Alan Summers is the current President of the United Haiku and Tanka Society, and co-founder of Call of the Page: www.callofthepage.org

13 Responses to “About”

  1. haikutec Says:

    “The Haiku Journal” notebook was launched at the Royal Festival Hall as part of Japan-UK 150 and Thames Festival.

    I’m the current Japan-UK 150 haiku (and renga) poet-in-residence for anyone interested in booking me to lead a ‘renga party’ event.

    See also my Area 17 blog for some of the current workshops and events: http://area17.blogspot.com

    The With Words Online International Haiku Competition: http://www.withwords.org.uk/comp.html


  2. snowbirdpress Says:

    ❤ – 🙂

  3. snowbirdpress Says:

    Thanks for the “like”….

  4. Jill London Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post 🙂

    1. haikutec Says:

      Thanks Jill,
      This isn’t an active blog, but many thanks for leaving a comment. If you have an interest in haiku I would love you to check out my regular blog at: http://area17.blogspot.com

      kindest regards,


  5. Great site, Alan! Thank you for all you do for the haiku world.

    1. haikutec Says:

      Thanks Charlotte! 🙂

      This tends to be a quiet blog, so your comment is deeply appreciated.

      warm regards,


  6. ccrauthor Says:

    Thank you Alan; Is there a way to follow your blog?

    1. haikutec Says:

      Hi Claudia,

      This is really my secondary blog so that I’m able to comment on other wordpress blogs. My main blog is at: http://area17.blogspot.com

      Many thanks for the question though. 🙂

      warmest regards,


      1. haikutec Says:

        Regarding this blog, on my window, there’s a top left bar which has ‘My Site’; ‘Reader’ and ‘Follow’ although the set up may be different for your browser.

        many thanks again,


        Alan Summers, With Words

  7. lisannie44 Says:

    Thanks for liking and following my blog. I shall visit your blogspot site!

    1. haikutec Says:

      Thank you!

      My Area 17 blog is the one that has regular updates and articles about haiku and related genres:

      And Call of the Page is our page about online courses etc…

      warmest regards,

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