Humans are in constant conflict, and it always amazes me that some of us attempt something different. One day we may have peace, perhaps?

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winds of heaven
the wars we inflict
on each other

by Alan Summers
From the “Girl In An Owl” haibun
Hedgerow, #110, May 2017

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A Spring poem and of course an allusion to the famous haikai verse of Matsuo Basho about a frog and an old pond:



Furuike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto

And here is a literal translation:

Fu-ru (old) i-ke (pond) ya, ka-wa-zu (frog) to-bi-ko-mu (jumping into) mi-zu (water) no o-to (sound)

And a translation version:

an old pond
a frog jumps into
the sound of water

(tr. Jane Reichhold)

It’s worth checking out what Hasegawa Kai has to say:

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leaf wind
just enough frogs
to catch a pond

by Alan Summers
Anthology of the Samobor Haiku Meeting, Croatia, 2017

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We all have our ideas about dragons don’t we? For me it’s being free and majestic in a political world gone mad, that tries to make me feel small and powerless.

What do dragons do for you?

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fence painting
a wish to be the green
of dragons

by Alan Summers
Brass Bell: Colorful Haiku, May 2017

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Delighted to be featured for a whole week of haiku in this important blog!

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Enjoy Alan Summers’ Week! Each day from today through the 17th, one haiku by Alan will be featured on The Daily Haiku.

Alan is a regular contributor to this blog. He is President of the United Haiku and Tanka Society, and a Japan Times award-winning writer.  He is based in England, and working hard on exciting courses and projects as co-founder of “Call of the Page,” formerly known as “With Words.”

NHK TV of Japan filmed Alan for a program called “Europe meets Japan–Alan’s Haiku Journey,” covering aspects of his teaching and passion for the art of haiku:

Alan’s website is:

fireside story
a dad piggybacks his son
into the moon

by Alan Summers
#112, May 2017

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Delighted that Japan’s national television service (NHK) did a feature on me as a professional haiku poet.

word pond

Alan Summers is an extraordinary haiku poet and teacher of the haiku and halibun forms. I return to his bright, imaginative and free-ranging voice again and again in his haiku book, “Does Fish-God Know?”  I’m holding out for a collected volume of his haiku. One can dream . . .  – Donna Fleischer

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Although you could say I am a free form or modern haiku writer, I do love writing them in a 5-7-5 English syllable pattern too! 🙂

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an oxeye daisy
swinging overhead starlings
in metallic song

by Alan Summers

Selected Haiku Collection

8th Yamadera Bashō Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest, 2016

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This haiku came about from a writing challenge to write about concrete images from a single window view on a single day.

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Easter Sunday
a For Sale sign leans
into birdsong

by Alan Summers
tinywords, 16.1, March 2016

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