Delighted to have two haiku appear on Icebox!

Enjoyed the other work too.



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It was great to be involved in this charity event and helping to raise money at the very successful auction.

warm regards,

President, United Haiku and Tanka Society
co-founder, Call of the Page

Akita International Haiku Network


On March 25, 2011, Sarah Jane Robertson, Creative Director at Creative State in UK, told of JAPAN ART AUCTION in her blog as follows:




In April I’ll be taking part in an art exhibition and auction to raise funds for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Working with Haiku poets Alan Summers, founder of With Words, and Hidenori Hiruta, Secretary General of the Akita International Haiku Network, I’m illustrating two mandala prints to sit alongside the beautiful Haiku they’ve kindly created. The prints will be auctioned as a pair. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors Blush Publishing and GF Smith.

So far, more than 40 artists from the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Norway and Japan have pledged to donate existing work or create new pieces. The artists range from photographers and illustrators to writers, ceramic artists and…

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political election
my application to be
a) human

Alan Summers
Haiku News, Vol.2, No.24, 2013

So often we are either dehumanised by the bureaucracy of elections, or if we are unlucky enough, we might be demonised as well if we fall into a category that politicians are not comfortable about.


For students of haiku you may note that I have used a strong allusion to a
haiku by Fay Aoyagi.

Fay Aoyagi’s work has been a strong influence on me ever since the famous
Bill Higginson review/article at Modern Haiku.

Which haiku did I allude to?

cold rain —

my application

to become a crab

Fay Aoyagi
Chrysanthemum Love

Blue Willow Press 
ISBN 0-9745547-0 (2003)

Modern Haiku:

Although my verse is more senryu than haiku, it has been inspired by Fay
Aoyagi’s brilliantly succinct haiku with seasonal reference (kigo); and a
cut between two parts (kire) that heightens the poem beyond a mere

With my more senryu than haiku I am focusing purely on human affairs,
although there may be a season for elections and those awful bureaucratic
forms. But the only link to nature is that desire to be human and not a
political toy.

Alan Summers
Haiku News, September 2016

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political election
my application to be
a) human

 by Alan Summers (UK)
Haiku News, Vol. 2, No.24, 2013

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When we become night owls ourselves, sometimes we have company. This is from a brief envelope of time when I worked into the wee small hours that become an owl’s empire.

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an owl’s empire
the flecks of light
in snow

by Alan Summers (UK)
, #59, November 2017

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Delighted and honoured that my owl haiku gets a mention too!

breath, a collection of haiku

My writing has taken a back seat lately – and not just the back seat in a car, the back seat in a big bus! – so as the days lengthen I’m trying to kick start the brain and limber up the ‘haiku muscle’ in a variety of ways.

New books

I’ll write something more about the first two soon but can recommend all of them – and in my experience reading good haiku is invaluable towards writing good haiku.

Scott Mason is one of my favourite haiku poets so when he sent a note to say he has a new book out, imagine my delight. But it’s not quite a collection of his own work or at least not only a collection of his own work for Scott has produced a magnificent volume based on his thinking about haiku. If you’re quick The Wonder Code has a special pricing offer available until November…

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Great blast from the past!

Still Points : Moving World

It was a day of Haiku and poetry in the gallery yesterday, with a fascinating and enjoyable Haiku taster workshop by Alan Summers and Karen Hoy, in which participants penned their Haiku from found words or experiences of the art work in the gallery.


This was followed in the afternoon by an illuminating poetry reading by Lizzie Latham that included the premiere recital of the first chapter of her new poem ‘Momoko’.


The gallery was resonant with the performative sound of spoken words.

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wishbones the ritual with my mother

Alan Summers (UK)
Presence, #59, November 2017

About Thanksgiving and turkey wishbones:

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wishbones the ritual with my mother

by Alan Summers (UK)
Presence, #59, November 2017

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