Delighted to be able to give a small piece on advice as I was once a newcomer too!

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Wonderful memories of a five day film shoot dawn to dusk to get twenty minutes for a feature during a heatwave!


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A rewarding meal after a wonderful river walk!

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low slung river
thoughts of home
and lemon trout

Alan Summers

Source: brass bell: a haiku journal: edible haiku

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Many thanks to Jacob Salzer for this new interview!

Haiku Poet Interviews

Personal Website/Blog(s):

Alan Summers (St Ives Cornwall)

Professional website:

Country of Residence: England UK

Current Occupation: Co-founder (with Karen Hoy) and full-time Lead Tutor for Call of the Page

Past Occupations: Too many to mention, but all have become incredibly useful as a culmination of skillsets to feed into haiku!

Haiku-Related Volunteer Positions/Affiliations:



Interests/Hobbies: Poetry/photography. Very little time left for other things, except for occasional walks.

Book Projects:

Working on a big print book project at present, as well as two collections.

Previous print collections:

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Karen Hoy is a former mountaineer, think Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible mountain scene, relaxing and holding on by the fingertips!

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windy fells —
the best coffee ever
out of a plastic mug
Karen Hoy

curated by Zee Zahava

Source: brass bell: a haiku journal

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I occasionally embrace unusual approaches to haibun (prose+haiku).

Keep an eye out one full moon(s) night!


weird laburnum

Roof Gutter Nail Polish

shopping list
some people escape
the crosshairs

Make sure the neon light is placed into the lotus position.

Another galaxy with a sun orbiting body named after a type of soil.

Drinking Water Is No Longer Okay.

zodiacal light
an owl escapes moon
to moon

Alan Summers

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seashores online haiku event

Date: Sunday 31 January. Time: 1700-1830 (Dublin/UK time)

Special guests have ‘carte blanche’ to share their insight and experience in writing, editing

or publishing haiku.

Special Guests:

Alan Summers (UK),

founding editor,

The Blo͞o Outlier Journal  

Blo͞o Outlier Journal inaugural issue:

and co-founder, Call of the Page


Amanda Bell (Ireland), co-editor of The Haibun Journal

Jay Friedenberg (USA), President, Haiku Society of America

Caroline Skanne (UK), editor, Blithe Spirit, & hedgerow founding editor

This is followed by a workshop discussing haiku sent by seashores contributors. 

At the end, a vote will determine the favourite haiku and the winner’s name will be revealed (and the prizes).

If you would like to attend please send an email to both emails:

Please email no later than Friday 29 January, with your given name/family name and country of residence and you will receive the link and information to join the event. 

web link:

Delighted to have my new journal mentioned!

Alan Summers

Grandy's Landing

Christmas 2020 was unlike any other we’ve ever known. Christmas in lockdown! But here on Halkyn Mountain, Wales, with a little light snow from time to time lending a seasonal touch, we had a grand old Yuletide, Maureen and I. A super chicken dinner on Christmas Day with best brandy and a traditional fruit cake, which she’d baked.

And the festivities could hardly have got off to a better start for us than with the online publication, on Christmas Eve, of the fabulous first issue of Blo͞o Outlier Journal, edited by top UK haikai poet Alan Summers.

A beefy journal it certainly is, running to 131 pages. The amazing artwork and photography fairly leap from the page to perfectly compliment the brilliant poetry. A most exciting and inspirational journal it is too, believe me!

And how honoured we feel, Maureen and I, to have a senryu each included in…

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Two days only to put this issue together, and launched during Christmas Eve, phew!

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The Blo͞o Outlier Journal Winter Issue 2020 (Issue #1)

Editor: Alan Summers

Source: Blo͞o Outlier Journal

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In the comments section I also give a detailed commentary on this haiku. Enjoy!

Haiku Commentary

the moon bumps
into a paperboat

Alan Summers (UK)
(Published previously in The Heron’s Nest vol. XXI no. 4, 2019)

It’s difficult sometimes to summarize a whole story into the shortest possible amount of words, but when someone does it, it becomes a masterpiece. This haiku is one of those masterpieces that shows why haiku is considered as one of the finest forms of creative writing.

‘Duskfall’ with an ellipsis gives the imagery of a silent yet sad evening where there are no activities. The word itself shows the ending of life when dusk has fallen and is followed by darkness. But, the ending of life can also mean a new beginning that is deeper in nature. It looks like the locus of control is shifting from the outer world to the inner one where subtle aspects of nature get active and replace worldly life.

In this haiku…

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